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Where Monsters Dwell - Trailer

'Where Monsters Dwell' is my graduation film from my time studying at The NFTS. Here's the trailer as it is currently on the festival circuit.


Animator and Director Richard Smithson

Producer Sid Elbadawi

Writer William Gillies Caroline Webster

Cinematographer Rachel Liew

Production Designer Andrew Merrison

Editor Gareth Pugh

Composer Sarah Boughton

Sound Designer Ross Wilkes-Houghton

Production Manager Emanuela Borruso
Morris Jan Hoffman


Izzy Farzana Dua Elahe

Additional Voices Margred Pryce, Ed Rousseau, Harry Parsons, Stephanie Marshall, Darryl O’Donovan, Yin Lee, Renee Zhan, Cora Miron, Christian Lawes, Jessica Mills, Conor Ferris, Ross Wilkes-Houghton, Gareth Pugh, Richard Smithson

Casting Director Glenda Mariani

Production Co-Ordinator Brendan Kavanagh

Colourist & Online Editor Nigel Tadyanehondo


Inbetweens Irene Corral De Gaspar, Giulia Riva, Joel Sulston, Duane Uba, Katherine Spangenberg

Clean up and Colour Dimitris Armenakis, Ishan Aziz, Nili Bhavsar, Diogo Ramos Da Cunha, Christina Nerland, Joel Sulston, Duane Uba, Gareth Pugh, Katherine Spangenberg, Sorenna Tamburrini


Background Artists Megan Mathison, Lily Wang

“Simona’s Theme” Original Music by Saul Bragman

Special Thanks Gagandeep Kalirai, Stephanie Marshall, Penelope Konstantara, Mum & Dad, Archie Pup, Mathieu Landour Engel

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